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What is Luv Boxing club?

What is Luv Boxing club?

August 13, 2021

LUV BOXING CLUB has been created for all the fighters out there struggling with there own battles and turning to fitness for there release! 

Attack the day in a positive way AND always dig deep and show up! Some days will be tough on you, but it’s those days that make YOU a bad ass! 

When Lockdown hit we evolved our business and quickly started online classes at home in the play room (kids were not happy) our main purpose was to keep our clients strong not only physically but mentally through these uncertain times! 

It’s about rallying together as one, it’s about looking after each other, not just through the classes but in every battle that comes our way.

It’s about knowing that no matter how drained you are, there’s always someone by your side reminding you that we fight as one. 

No one gets left behind.

So if you have a bag at home or just a couple of weights our online, Live Interactive Classes done via our website, will set YOU up ready to take on anything that gets thrown in your way that day!





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